Kobo Mini Telnet/FTP Server

I recently bought a Kobo Mini ebook reader because I wanted to play around with the e-ink display. To do that I obviously needed a shell on the device, and here I'll describe how I got that.

There are basically two ways to get the (already built-in) telnet- and ftp-server …

Change Windows 7 SATA driver mode from AHCI to RAID (Intel Chipset)

I wanted to use a Intel Rapid Storage controller in "RAID" mode, but Windows 7 didn't like me changing that option and refused to boot, just showing me a very generic bsod.

After quite some time I found a solution:

First start from the installer disc and go to recovery …

Mac App: Wineskin Winery

Sometimes there is the need to run a piece of Windows software, and if you don't have Windows running on your system you will need a workaround. Solutions are using a virtual machine with Windows or using wine, which can sometimes be a bit annoying.

As a mac user there …