Note: This is a slightly updated version of the old blogpost (re-written on 2016/01/25).

I really like IP-KVMs. They are great devices that allow you to directly connect to and control your computer from basically anywhere in the world, even if your system crashed or your network card …

🇩🇪 Fledermaus-Lichtschranken-Fail

Nur kurz am Rande: Der Fledermauslichtschrankenaufbau hat uns über knapp einen Monat wunderbar Daten geliefert, danach fielen jedoch nach und nach die Sensoren aus.

Das Problem: Wildbienen. Die Tiere scheinen sich wohl im Infrarot-Licht wohl zu fühlen... naja... das Experiment ist jetzt auf jeden Fall abgebrochen.

Resize CoreOS rootfs

I was playing around with CoreOS in the last few days and i had a problem that the "installer" only created a 3GB GPT-label, with the problem that the backup header wasn't at the end of my disk but at the end of this 3GB section, so I couldn't just …

Outgoing IPv6-address

On my server I have multiple IPv6 addresses, but I want to define that all outgoing connections should always use one specific address.

On Linux there is an option to mark an IPv6 address as "deprecated", you can do that by setting the address parameter preferred_lft to 0. After that …