Reinstall Debian over serial console

I ordered an SC2016 at yesterday, and wanted to reinstall it with encrypted rootfs.

All my other servers had KVM consoles and possibilities to mount CD images, but this one only had a serial console and a rescue system, so I had to be a little bit creative.

ASRock C2750D4I Fan-Control

Just a quick note on how to reconfigure fan speeds on an ASRock C2750D4I (and similar) board without rebooting into BIOS.

Configuring EdgeRouter for internet over PPTP (Part 2)

In the last post I showed you how to configure an Ubiquiti EdgeRouter to use kernelmode PPTP.

This post will be a continuation on the general config, showing how to set up the local network.

Fast PPTP client on Ubiquiti EdgeRouter (+ basic config for STW Bonn)

I'm currently living in a building of Studierendenwerk Bonn and for our internet connection we have to use a PPTP client.

As a big fan of the Ubiquiti EdgeMax series of routers I wanted to use my EdgeRouter PoE for this, but there is a problem: PPTP on EdgeMax devices is running in Userland, and it is slow, very very slow. Of my 100Mbit/s connection i was only able to get around 12Mbit/s, this is not good.

Unfortunately Ubiquiti doesn't see improving this as a priority, so I'll have to fix it myself. Here is a tutorial on how to configure PPTP on EdgeMax devices to run with the pptp kernel module.