Selling dehydrated

TLDR: dehydrated will move, the license will NOT change, and I will still take care of the project

A few days ago I was approached by Julian from apilayer who told me that they wanted to buy dehydrated as a project and that they would even like to pay me to continue working on it. At first I thought it was a joke, but Julians profile seemed legit and after a few messages it was clear they really wanted to have my project.

They made an acceptable offer and after a good night's sleep I agreed.

It still feels a bit wrong to hand over this project I have been working on over the last few years, but as I'll effectively stay in charge of the project it made the decision a lot easier.

The following statement has been given by apilayer about this purchase:

As a highly developer focused company, apilayer has committed to use part of it’s profits to sponsor open source projects, both as support for the developer community and to generate uplift for our brands. We‘d like to welcome Lukas and the dehydrated community to our portfolio and are looking forward to support the project long-term."

As I didn't want a companies project in my personal GitHub account we decided to move it to a new namespace:

New versions of dehydrated will from now on be maintained at

Being paid will obviously be a great reason to invest more time into dehydrated and this will definitively accelerate my work on dehydrated, which in the last few months was a bit slow, but not stale:

I was already working on a new testing-system to make sure that new commits don't break compatibility with especially older systems and there are a few changes towards RFC8555-compliance. When these tasks are done the next big task on my long list will be better documentation, which I actually wanted to do since a long time ago and was actually the reason I registered the Domains.

Other than that nothing should change for anybody. Dehydrated will stay as free (as in freedom and as in free beer) as always, you can use it for whatever you want. It will stay under the MIT-License.

Thank you for the support over the last few years, especially to the people who sent me small gifts along the way (which you can still do :P), but also for all the people reporting bugs and sending in fixes. And of course thanks to apilayer for this great opportunity!

Let's make the next few years even better ;)